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Polo T-Shirts
Polo T Shirt Polo T Shirt Polo T Shirt
Polo T-Shirts are knitted cotton sport shirts. It is designed for comfort and casual wear with short sleeves. It is T-shaped shirt with an optional pocket, a collar, two small slits on the bottom of either side and two or three buttons down a slit below the collar.

Polo T-Shirt comes in different colors and patterns. The most common are wide horizontal stripes and solid color shirts. As it is mostly used in outdoor nature of the sports, its colors are often associated with nature, such as dark blue, brown, green and orange.
Polo T-Shirts are worn by golf, tennis and polo players. This style is also popularly worn by those just associated to the sports by work, such as sports announcers, caddies, and golf professionals. It is has also become a favored and popular shirt for those working outside, such as construction workers and groundskeepers due to its ruggedness.
T Shirt T Shirt T Shirt
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